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Blasphemy or not, you wanna see the flathead v8 or the Stude 6 in the truck?

  • Obey the blue symbol and use a Ford Flathead V8 you moron!

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Well I have a 42 Ford that i am just not interested in placing a boring ol' flathead v8 into.
I don't need gobs of power but I prefer not the norm just for the challenge and bragging factor.
I have a 1950 Studebaker pickup flathead 6.
This is my first 'Stude' flathead and I'm researching as much as possible.
The engine itself is so ridiculously simple its pretty exciting to work on because she can be a quik setup.
I'm looking for anyone with a 'Stude' powerplant and guidance on any issues I'm not aware of besides the mass torque and almost no horsepower. :welcome:

Had to bore her .30 over because she was a barn find but have the pistons and everything already so now no problem.
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