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sucking noise

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i put a 600 cfm holley on my 305 today, its a marine carb, its just for winter storage, it runs amazing, better then the brand new 600cfm edelbrock that i had on there and had tuned to the best of my abilities, anyway, my car idles fine, and has excelent power all the way up to 5000rpm, but at idle and cruising there is a loud sucking sound, a sound that was never there with the edelbrock, any ideas what it could be??

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Doc here:pimp:


Ross Perrot (<-SP?) Once said: That's the sound of American Dollars going South..

But I don't think that's your problem here...:D LOL :D

You do have an air-cleaner on it, right?

other than that, where does the noise seem to be coming from?

Happy and safe Holidays!

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at idle use some wd-40 and spray all aroud your manifold and carb gaskets.if it suddenly runs better for a moment you have gasket leaking.tighten it a little and try again.
it does it with or without the air cleaner, definately not the gasket. but im not going to worrie about it. its not worth it. in the spring im buying a new carb, and it runs fine right now except for the sound, so im just gonna drive it to storage place for the winter and change the carb in the spring.

thanks for your help anyway. it will remain a mistery.
with all that information then it almost sounds like your front flap over the two front barrels is sticking closed.i don't know what yours looks like but i had to run a peice of heavy wire thru arm that opperates my front flap and wire it open.even with having no heat cross over or choke i don't have any trouble thru the winter.
i dont think there is any flap, just the two primary butterflys and the choke, which is wired open. all vacuum connections are good, just pcv, booster and vac advance. i double check them and they are all good.
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