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Suicide doors

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I just bought my dream car...a '35 Chevy 2 door Sedan. I was expecting to get a junker to fix up but came across a pretty nice deal that is about 60% done for about the same price I would have paid for a grass hugger. The car I got has suicide doors and from all the ppictures I have seen, the '35 did not come that way. So, I think the previous owner switched them out. They open and shut OK, but will only open about 12" and then lock up. I think maybe the hinges are too short to open backwards. I can't decide if to make the hinges longer...which may not help or convert back to the original opening. Any ideas.

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Paul Cesak
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Well if you think about it, the hinges are NOT opening backwards.The would be opening the same as when they were on the front of the door jam.
But with the time/cash invested to return these to a stock opening door, you could find a new set of decent hinges or have a bodyman look at the problem...No person is going to be able to give you a correct answer without looking at the car face-to-face. They may be on a bind also, just depends.
Looks really good Paul! Can you post a picture of the jambs, it would help isolate the problem like Weimer said.
I agree with both these fellows, a pic would help greatly. Depending on the problem the answer could be a one or a bit more dificult hinge replacment, either or I'd be glad to help :D Nice start though :D

That's a sharp looking ride.Couldn't see it all though because of some bald headed guy standing in the way but (just kidding, just kidding) can you snap a pic of the jam and hinges and post them. Like Weimer said they may just be on a bind. What you will have to do is mask the edges of the doors and put some sheets around the rockers so you don't get any damage and try to re-align the door if it is not lined up in the opening. Better yet, take some measurments, pull the door, and see how the hinges swing. It might be the case where the rear pillar is different than the front and either one or the other hinge is on an angle when it gets to you 12" opening. If that is the case then you will have to hook up with someone that has done that conversion and find out exactly how they did it. There are kits you can get but it is a rather involved process. Just leave the window down, hell if the Duke boys could do it so can you. LOL!!!!!!

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Thanks guys. I took the inside door panel off this weekend and found a strange loop that restricts the movement. I will snap a couple of pics and follow up.

1935 was the only year that Chev put suicide
doors on the front and rear. 36 and 37 there were only rear suicide doors.. Hope this helps!

But what about the 2 door sedan. I took off the door panels and see where the door handle hole appears to be filled in. I wouldn't mind leaving the doors suicide but they nmust open further for my big ol buthusla.

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