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Summit cam for stock heads

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Summit cam for stock 350 heads

Hi my friend and I are having a 500$ build competition. I have a 305 sbc Six pack with rochester carbs, pocket ported 350 heads decked, shorty headers, complete rebuild (sauf rods) with 9 to 1 pistons, HEI dis, no cat, e fan, Huge rad, 2800 stall th-400 b-m shifter. We agreed that we could only buy one item off ebay and I would like to use my one card on 3 air cleaners. I can afford a summit cam, which cam would suit weekend and track purposes and work on stock heads. On a side not we will be doing a boost build next so if i could use the same cam it would help.

Thanks Richard
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I would go with the 224 duration cam. It matches up with the rest of your combo nicely. However, keep in mind, you should get matching springs, if you use stock springs changing the cam will do little good.
thanks i'll try but only have 40 left in the buget and need valve covers.
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