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Sunday night chats?

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IF you guys are willing I'd like to start hosting a once per week, Sunday night chait via AIM. If you don't have the software you can download it on or go there and simply use "AIM express" which doesnt even need to be downloaded, it runs on java (as do I most of the day lol). Anyway, we had a good time doing it last week. ANybody interested shoot me an IM

*(although I think its easier if we just try to get the names we have on the site).

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Why dont you make it friday or saturday nights? And you got time issues to worry about.
Geeez theres been some bigg arguments on this bored i havent been on in a while due to work and school n some other stuff but ill tryin talk to yall sunday nights
:thumbup: sounds goods to mes
we had another tonight, it was fun
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