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Hey guys,

Yesterday we finally dropped the 351 Cleveland engine to our 53 Ford Truck and today we got her running and I’m very pleased!!
In the back of my head I think she still needs a little more push so we decided to put a supercharger in her.

But I have some questions:

-what are the differences of a Supercharger and a Pro-Charger?
-which one would give more HP gains?
-which company do you recommend for both the super and Pro-chargers?


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There are a variety of types of superchargers, Roots, Whipple, Centrifical, as well as turbochargers.

They all have their good and bad sides.

It a lot depends on what you are wanting to accomplish, the amount of money you want to spend, as well as availability of parts etc.

While theres nothing that looks meaner or nastier than a big Roots supercharger on top of an engine, here you have to consider, possibly cutting out your hood, and such stuff.

The most compact and usually as far as price goes the least expensive setup would be a centrifical unit. There are a lot of them on the market.
Paxton, which is probably about one of the oldest companies in the business, and Vortech, which is a lot newer company but has an excellent reputation. The Centrificals are probably the easiest to adapt to an engine, and also the most compact.
Finding an intake for your 351C to mount a Roots blower on, could get a little pricy as the production of Cleveland stuff is being slowly faised out, since the engine is no longer in production here in the US, and getting new stuff from Australia can be very hard on the wallet.

I would contact these links and discuss with them what you have and what you want to do.

I went to several links on Roots type and other centrifical links and didnt see any listed for Fords other than for the 5.0.
These two I am sure will have what you are looking for.

Pro-Charger is a brand of centrifical supercharger.
The Roots supercharger is the one derived from an air blower used for mines, and was adapted first to diesels, then later to gasoline engines. Thats the one you see on top of all the blown fuel Rails etc.
Roots superchargers are a positive displacement rotory screw pump that pushes displaces the same amount of air for each revolution of the impeller screws, regardless of RPM.
Centrifical superchargers are similar to a vane pump and the more rpm they turn the more boost they produce.

The Whipple type supercharger is similar to the Roots in appearance but the screws are akin to the archemides principal, and your air flow is along the axis of the screws rather than lateral as in a Roots. The Whipple supercharger is what you see on the supercharged 3.8 liter V-6 in Thunderbirds.
BBK makes this kind of supercharger for various Ford applications.

Here is a link that carries a wide variety of all kinds of superchargers.
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