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To begin with you don't have a max wedge 413. Max wedge cars were all "B" bodies (Polara, Belvedere). Your New Yorker has a standard 413 RB engine.

To answer your question, you can put a super charger or turbo on that engine but it would be a waste of money. With the weight of your car performance gains with either would not be cost effective. Face it, what you have does not lend itself to 10 or even 12 second passes... more like 15 seconds or so. 14 if you spend a few hundred bucks on headers, hp intake, ignition and proper gearing.

Also to answer your carb question. It is possible the carb is at fault but unlikely. How many miles on the engine? If it is high mileage then things to check are ignition timing and valves. If your timing chain has been stretched with age that could be the culprit as could a sticking exhaust valve.

Good luck.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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