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A friend of mine in Texas is retiring, and selling his Engine Dyno. It is good for up to 1000 HP.
I havent asked a bunch of questions yet. I just asked about the space it takes up, and the price.

I remember back in 91 he had it in a special room, behind bulletproof glass, Back then he was testing the engine, and fuel system before he broke the World Land Speed Record for alternative fuel at Bonneville. He has always been involved in racing, and actually built motors for some cup teams here in NC back in the 80s.

He wants 8500 for the setup, and said it was around 60K when he got it. I havent asked about how much it has actually been used, but I know everything he owns is top notch and well taken care of.

What are yalls thoughts about me possibly getting this as a side gig? Around here Dyno Time is around $500 a day.
Is there a steep learning curve to be worth a poop at operating one? Does this sound like a fair price? Any other thoughts?
Also, if I dont get it (which I probably wont) would someone here be interested in scooping it up?
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