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Just wanted to get an opinion about the set-up I’m considering. I’m in the processing of converting my ’66 Mustang from an inline-6 to a V8 (302). I already have most, if not all the parts. Some are new and others will come from a donor car I have out back. I’m starting in the back with a 9-inch rear end with a Detriot Truetrac that I got from Quick Performance. Right now, I’m looking at the rear suspension. I already have a set of 17x8 Torq Thrust and I want to run 225/45/17’s all the way around. I’ve read that I run these without any rubbing.

I’m looking at going with 4 ½ mid-eye leaf’s (150) in the back, with rubber bushings and when I get to the front, using 620 springs, with the Shelby drop. But since I will be running a 17” tire, I’m wondering if that will have the car sitting too low over the front tire. I would like to keep a little space between the tire and the fender. I would greatly appreciate input from anyone running a 17” tire about their suspension setup.

No racing or long distance driving, just a weekend toy for me and my son.
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