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T-200C rebuild

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I'm making this post because I need help in what I'll need to rebuild a th200C to handle some power I've seen lot's of forums on here about it but they are all kinda older threads and none of the links work. I know this very unpopular cause the TH350 and TH400 but im on a budget and the TH200C is what I have so it's what I'm going to use. It's in a 82 Transam 305 V8 from factory. But it now has a 355 making 450 HP to the flywheel and have a set of 3.73 gears to put in the rear end. The car is going to be a street car I'm kinda interested in taking it to autocross events as well and I know I'll need a lock up converter for that which I can get done to the converter by a shop in my area it will probably be 3500 stall cause the cam I'm going with. I'm just needing advice on what I need to rebuild it. I've seen the Oregon Performance kit but just want to know if it's good or if there's another way to go. Thanks in advance
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