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T-200C rebuild

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I'm making this post because I need help in what I'll need to rebuild a th200C to handle some power I've seen lot's of forums on here about it but they are all kinda older threads and none of the links work. I know this very unpopular cause the TH350 and TH400 but im on a budget and the TH200C is what I have so it's what I'm going to use. It's in a 82 Transam 305 V8 from factory. But it now has a 355 making 450 HP to the flywheel and have a set of 3.73 gears to put in the rear end. The car is going to be a street car I'm kinda interested in taking it to autocross events as well and I know I'll need a lock up converter for that which I can get done to the converter by a shop in my area it will probably be 3500 stall cause the cam I'm going with. I'm just needing advice on what I need to rebuild it. I've seen the Oregon Performance kit but just want to know if it's good or if there's another way to go. Thanks in advance
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On that mild of HP power level the basic rebuild kit will be fine. Setup is more important for clutch life since you may be up shifting and down shifting often on the autocross use.. TransGO shift kits on the 200-4r had aux springs for the direct clutch pack. Stronger springs can aid the clutch pack release quicker.

I would suggest a billet servo for the band. That requires proper setup for clearance. The good size OEM servos are hard to find.
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