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I've done modifications on my th400 vb as it shown on the website and now it's full manual
but im facing a problem
all the gears have about 175 psi pressure except 3rd gear the pressure drops to 50psi and drops on the torque line also from 60psi to 10 psi
btw the reverse pressure is normal
can anyone helps me please

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I looked over the article and there are a number of mods so assuming you performed most or all of them I would think that either a lip seal got knicked on assembly or a lip seal has rolled on you. It's really important that you use something to help get the seals in place along with a generous amount of ATF. My preference is a .010 feeler gauge - I have a long one that a shop gave me ages ago and it works great. Another that some people prefer is a piece of welding rod bent into a tight "u" shape. Cutting a seal is obviously an issue but a rolled one can act the same - and all it amounts to is that the seal is in place but either all of it or part of it "rolled" in the entended slot which creates a leak.
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