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My ext cab s10 had the dome light back by the rear window. I'm sure that location would be fine in a regular cab but in my truck the seats cast shadows that made it difficult to see anything in front of the seats. It also had the rear view mirror glued to the windshield which had fallen off a few times (and got me tickets because my parking permit was on the mirror). I got tired of it and decided to so something about it.

I found that Tacoma’s had a rearview mirror and dome light assembly that I liked. I bought a new one from the dealer for $113. This is on par with aftermarket mirrors w/ lights that still glue to the windshield.

MIRROR ASSY, INNE.......#87810-04-04050-B0......$85.34
COVER, INNER RR V.......#87818-35010-B3...........$27.69
They are for a 2003 Tacoma
Parts are made in USA.

Took a while but I finally got it in. I ended up making a wooden block mounted to the ceiling with some construction adhesive. I rewired it with 3 position switches so it can either, come on with the doors, be off all the time, or be on all the time. I am going to paint it black along with some other interior parts sometime later.

I like that it sits a lot higher then you can get the factory mirror. My head just about touches the roof with the seat 3 clicks reclined so the factory mirror location blocks way to much of the front windshield.
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