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Taking off-frame

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hey guys i am planning to take my bel air wagon off frame and was wondering how should i do it, what will i need, thought using bottle jacks and raising it and then rolling chassis under from body so i can work on it, or how else should i do it.
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Some come-alongs a sterdy garage ceiling and some 2x10's work pretty good as well. There are many ways, but make sure the body is braced and has even support to prevent twisting and etc.

If you have an engine hoist you can use this on the front at the body mounts. Just get about 4 people and you can lift it off. If you have everything out of the car meaning glass, interior, etc. then pull the doors off and decklid off there is not much weight to it. We did the same with my '62. Just make sure you have something to sit it on when you pull it off. I had mine sitting on 4-35 gallon drums. It is sturdier than what you realize. Just make sure when you go to pull it off that all your wires are disconnected. If you can't round up about 4 other people just use an engine hoist at the front and a hoist at the back.

wow i like that idea, thanks kevin. i need to pull it off to work on frame and replace floor boards, do you think i should put in engine and then put body on or put body on and then engine?
Engine/Trans first then body second. While you have the body off, you can clean/paint the frame,suspension,engine,trans,etc...
A typical stripped down body probably weighs in around 600lbs. So you aren't going to need something as beefy as what you think.
I pulled the body off my Chevelle by myself, although it wasn't fun. I sort of work in cursing the same way an artist works with paint... This summer I am going to weld up a nice little cart/dolley to set my body on and be able to roll in/out of the garage.

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