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Talk me out of it

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Thinking of bringing this 35 Pontiac home. The wood in the doors is mostly gone. PS side is the worst but both are shot at the bottom. No idea if the skin can be sourced. How hard is it to make one? or to make it with a metal door frame instead of wood. I'd heard the wood door frame parts can be sourced but haven't found them yet.

The fenders are split, grill is pitted bad but intack, and the rust runs deep all over. Not real sure how much would be left after blasting it.

First thought is making it into a Pontiac powered Gasser drag car or maybe a street rod. But the basic sheetmetal work must be done no matter which way I go.

I need some feedback from anyone that may have tackled a car in this condition.



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MAN!!its all there,, suicide doors ,,all sheet metal,,front suspension,, rear end ,,looks fairly straight..go for would make a great gasser,,or a kool street much did you pay???
Talk you out of it? Are you crazy? It has all of the makings of a *****in' Gasser (or street rod)-my '35 was about as bad, and, although at the time I was full of ambition and vinegar, it was more of a task than I expected-but, I'm glad now that I did it. With everyone's help here I was able to replace everything form the Floors and basically the baottom 1/3 of the Car (along with a Chop). I learned a lot along the way (that was the best part), and I now have more Tools!

I would say be realistic-if you are going to do it yourself, it will take longer than you think it will (times three)-be prepared for the long haul, and things will change along the way (I have so many spare parts to sell-Wilwood Brakes, Hoods, Windshield, 454, on and on), but it has defintely been worth it-and, you really didn't want that old musty 401K money anyway did you?

You probably won't get your money out of it (but it's a Hobby, right?)-you just don't see Cars like that on the road anymore, so yes, take your time and do it!
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It's worth it !!

Since you didn't mention a price I guess it's free so sure, take it.
Wuzzat? he wants $50K for it??
or was that $500??
Hell I don't care it's your money go for it.
Me, I'd have to consider the price.
Price is an issue. He's asking $4200 OBO. At best I'd think $2500 and only that much due to it's rarity. We haven't dickered yet, I wanted some feedback from here as a project like this is more of what goes with guys here than in my garage.

It's a ton of work no doubt. The fenders can be salvaged I pretty sure. It's the doors that have me worried. No inner framework below the window at all, just a rusty sheet of metal flopping around. No PS running board or headlight bucket, no PS hood side grill, no rear bumper.
Frame looks good, engine tranny and suspension is all there but not sure I'd use it anyway.

Like most rusty old cars, they look better in picture than in person if that helps.
That's pretty rough, even for $2,500... consider this.. I just looked book values on all 3 models of 1935 Pontiac 2dr coupes, and there all right around $6k low retail thru NADA.. that assumes the car is in good enough shape to be drivable.. if you cut that in 1/2 because it's far from drivable, then consider the work it needs and man hours it needs just to get the body in shape, then put a price on that..... IMO I'd offer $1,800 at most.. if it was any kind of solid to begin with, then more
That's pretty steep for the car. I look at it this way, does it have $4200 in salvageable parts if a guy gives up on it? It doesn't look that way to me. offer him about 2 grand and see where that goes. It would make a cool ride. :D
I paid $5000 for my '36 Terraplane truck, and it was still extremely solid even though every panel had surface rust at a minimum (couple holes in the floor and bed, cracks in the fenders / doors), and missing some body panels (running boards, rear fenders). It also had the original drivetrain, but no interior. I'd bet that the Terry is a lot rarer than that Pontiac as well.

It comes down to what you can and cannot handle. I'd only take a second look if the price was $1000 or less, but I'd probably still pass cause my bodywork skills are amateurish at best. Still, if you can handle it and you can talk the seller down enough, it would make a neat ride.
TALK YOU OUT OF IT???????????? not in a million years we would never want to deny you that om*g what have i done!!!! moment when you finally get it into the garage and start looking at all the (other) things you didn't see before :thumbup: :confused: :D but in the end you will be glad you did it.
helrazr3 said:
TALK YOU OUT OF IT???????????? not in a million years we would never want to deny you that om*g what have i done!!!! moment when you finally get it into the garage and start looking at all the (other) things you didn't see before .
Thanks, that did it.

After thinking about the "OMG, what have I done" and seeing the mountain of work to do in my garage as is, and knowing I would be storing this car off site for a few years before getting to it was enough to decide to pass.
Really hate to but I'd probably be better off finding a better conditioned car when the time comes. And who knows, he might still have it then.

But I have to admit, it would make a really cool Pontiac Gasser. That alone would be an extremely unusal car.
Obviously, it's your decision to make. You know your wants and the depth of your pocketbook. I personally would't pay over 2 grand for a car that's this rough....don't care how rare it is. That fact alone should tell you that parts, especially sheet metal will probably be hard to come by.

Possibly, many of the inner (wood) parts from the early Chevy's may interchange. There are also many companies making these interior parts out of metal.....a good thing.

Deeply rusted, split and pitted fenders can be a real problem too. They can become stressed; the metal can become so thin in places that bodywork can be very frustrating.

But....if you've got plenty of spare time, and lots of money....why not?
ive been scowering the earth for somethin like this....
so i setteled for a olds for now....
you think thats rough???
check this out......

a before and after shots

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