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TBI 350 sum k1102 cam and edelbrock 5802 valve springs

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Ok so heres the deal i found out the stock (peanut) cam on my TBI 350 is worn since it's got 280,000 miles on it so I looking into buying the summit k1102 cam but I don't know on what springs are best for that cam I was thinking edelbrocks 5802 springs would do the trick since they recommend those springs for their 2102 cam which is exactly the same as summits let me know what you all think
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What I think is if your still running TBI it's not going to like that cam.
That cam to run correctly in a TBI will require new injectors, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, a remapped computer chip which will be a guessing game without it being done on a dyno which is expensive. I recommend you use the summit 1101 cam if TBI is still in use. All you need for springs are the classic "Z28" springs which many companies make and they're dirt cheap.
When you swap the cam install a new timing chain with it. However when you change the cam you will have to check valve train geometry. If it's not on the money the valve guides will be shot in less than 15,000 miles.
However there is one more thing worth mentioning even with that cam it will still want new injectors. If I was dealing with a engine with that many miles on it I would go on and rebuild it because it's already running on barrowed time.
Yea I know I'm replacing everything thing I can valve stem seals timing set and so on as for the TBI i rebuilt it about 4 months ago the engine is in perfect running condition for a high millage motor it's got headers and true dual exhaust but the reason I want to know is if the edelbrock 5802 springs will match my cam is because I already have them
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