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I have a Tall deck 366 in my 86 Chevy SWB 2 wheel drive and when i first got it it had a GM HEI in it with no vacuum advance so i pulled off the cap and say that there was a spot for one it just had a plastic thing screwed in where the advance can would go so i pulled another GM HEI off the shelf and took the advance can off and put it on the one it the truck you can guess it ran like **** with the timing out of order so i set it at 8* base timing with it warm and played with the carb a lil and it had a pretty good bog or stumble off idle and at part throttle.

Its a some what stock TD 366
Performer 2.0 intake
650 carter afb competition series
TH400 trans

I run 87 octane gas maybe 93 if im in the mood wheres my stumble/bog coming form? and how do i go about setting the idle air on the carter with out a vacuum gauge could that be my problem?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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