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I want to get into the automobile industry but have little experience. I would like to get an aprenticeship but people hirering want people with experience, which is stupid, because an aprentice is supposed to give you experience. So I figure the best thing to do right now is to go to a tech school. I am not decided on one career, I just know I want something to do with automobiles. I would love to go to a school like whyotech, NADC, or lincoln tech, but they all run about 20 000 - 30 000$ US. I don't have that kind of cash.
So, I'm pretty much asking if anyone knows of any smaller tech schools where I can get some experience either with autobody or engines. My goal is to own a part time Rod/Custom shop in the distant future.
I'm going to post this in both Engines and Body - Exterior, becasue I'm not really partical to either.
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