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Whether your car is a fast street ride or a weekend racer, it is important to have reliable control over the engine RPM. If your factory tachometer doesn't meet your requirements any more, or you simply want to fabricate a new instrument panel - check out our section of Auto Meter gauges.

Auto Meter tachometer is designed, assembled and calibrated to the exacting standards that today's high performance racers expect from the instrument. It is resistant to vibration, and features Auto Meter's high-tech air core movement for precise accuracy. This tachometer features an amber shift light mounted externally to the gauge with a switch on the face, that allows you to set the red line. Purchase a high quality Auto Meter Tachometer and receive up to $175.00 Rebate check. Don’t miss your chance! This offer is valid from March 1 through April 30, 2017.

Auto Meter™ | Custom Gauges & Gauge Pods —

Be sure that your engine is running correctly with Auto Meter Tachometer from CARiD![
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