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Temporarily sealing old paint?

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I have a mid 80s chevy truck that has old faded paint . What can I use , besides a new paint job , to seal the paint? I am not ready to get a new paint job but would like to stop , or reduce damage to what is there . A sealer or light sealer that does not need reapplication every month.
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I have a 78 that was pretty dull. I washed mine with 3000 grit sandpaper, then buffed with a foam pad. It shines pretty good, and has that patina that happens to be in style now. I wax it real good a couple of times a year and am happy with it.
The thought of painting it never crosses my mind, as it would be a HUGE undertaking.

Some people use linseed oil, but I have never tried that myself.
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Yes , sounds like a similar situation here also . I guess at this point it would be waxing it once a month.
I though about penentrol or linseed oil but dont know how it would react if I ever got it painted. I have ran some "test" outdoors with penetrol and I am fine with it but again dont know what kind of issues it would cause if I ever got it painted.
I wonder if something like this would be easy to remove going into the paint shop in the future? I would just scuff and spray.

anyone see any issues with me spraying this ? Outdoor temps will be around 100 degrees. I believe my paint is a lacquer based as I wiped a rag with lacquer thinner on the paint and after wiping pretty hard I did get a little paint on the rag.

I would think if you wanted to retain the patina that you would opt for a non gloss clear coat,
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