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Ten Cents

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Hello Fellow Hotrodders!!!
I want to learn all I can about cars and learn from my mistakes or avoid not making them. My Truck is an 82 s10 with a sbc 305 being built (by that i mean scavenging off of other small blocks to make it run). Lil Blue and I have come a long way, basically got the truck for my 15th birthday with a gummed up fuel system and balled up tires that scared even me going down the road sometimes. spent all my allowance and summer getting it started, I wound up finding the small block on Facebook marketplace for 280$, and immediately jumped on it. This truck is a budget build for sure, but I want it to run well and right, so questions will be based on my 305 engine to see if I get some of your guys wisdom and guidance.
Thank you all for taking the time to look at my thread!!
Ps. Including some pics I've taken of my v8 and truck. It's not in the truck yet as it is my daily

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It's a pretty easy swap but if I was you I'd do a search on it to see what is required. Mounts, tranny, welding, exhaust, etc. May need some cal-tracs also.
BTW, that's a good looking truck!
I've already done a lot of research on it, just having the funds in order to do so is a different story lol! Mounts I know I can use stock, tranny I'm still looking for one, may get a powerglide but also gas mileage is kind of bad with those. Thank you sir!! I appreciate it
1 - 2 of 6 Posts