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I have a buddy with a '75 Datsun 280Z in which he recently put a 454 and th-350 w/ somewhere around a 3000 stall.

He was playing around a couple nights ago and the trans all of a sudden developed a squeel.

The squeel goes away in neutral and park. All gears still engage.

Any ideas?

I'm adding a copy of his post from a Chevelle message board.

"About a week ago I starting hearing a slight squeal around 2000 RPM while cruising and in all gears. I thought it was just the alt belt slipping. I replaced the belt and then removed the belt and the noise is still there.

Then on Saturday I did a 3/4 thottle pass for about 10 seconds. Afterward I can really hear the squeal and it is loud. I popped the tranny into neutral and the noise is gone instantally. It only does it in gear (including reverse) and stops the instant it is in park or neutral. Its really loud between 1000-2000 RPM and gets alittle quieter as RPM increases.

Yesterday I chocked the wheels and engaged the e-brake and put the car in gear and then tried listening for the source. The noise is not coming from the motor. It shifts fine and there are no other issues when driving. I checked all flexplate bolts and the fluid is clean.

I had the tranny looked at 500 miles ago, and everything was great. The converter is a used piece I bought from another member. Its a 10" unit and seemed to work fine.

I talked with a few guys I know and they think its one of three things.....

1. Converter

2. Front Pump

3. Sprag

I am curious to know what you guys think."

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TH 350 noise help

When you put trans in gear you are putting a load on the converter.

When a thrust bearing or thrust washer[inside converter] lets go,a loud whine is usually the noise you will hear. Is it more like a whine or squeal?

Noise from the pump may also be a whine.If converter hub[trans side] is not perpendicular to converter body,it can cause the inner pump gear to be driven into the pump crescent,the contact will cause a whine.

You said trans engages all gears. I assume you mean it still shifts ok,so I doubt a sprag is the problem.

To isolate the noise you may be able to pull the modulator hose[if it's not a full manual valve body] off,this will increase line pressure,thus putting a greater load on the pump,leave it in park when you do this so as not to put load on the converter.

If it is a squeal,I have heard flexplates that were cracked make these kind of noises,which by the way,may only surface when trans is in gear. Hope this helps.
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