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Alright, so a couple weeks ago, I put my lemans up on jack stands to swap out various engine components and rewire the starter and change the oil and etc.

I swapped out the standard two barrel carb and intake assembly for an edelbrock manifold and four barrel carb. I also swapped out gaskets from the camshaft cover, to the manifold, to the headers. The car was up on jack stands for about two weeks without running. When I finally took it back down, the brakes had gone bad and third gear will not engage. Now I plan to blled the brakes again, but the transmission is strange, here's some more info:

In drive, it's automatic btw, third gear does not engage. However, I can get it to engage if I get the rpms up, and get my speed up to where it would normally have kicked in, then drop it into 2nd gear and back into drive. Upon doing this, third gear will engage just firmly enough to drive comfortable, however i can feel it slipping.
Now it seems that second gear has a little trouble engaging. I'm wasting tons of gas over revving and driving around town in second gear.

Yes, the trans fluid is at the right level. We picked up a new filter for the trans, in case its that.

Has anyone experience this before? Anything I can do to fix it? Or should I just pop for a th400 like I plan on doing later?
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