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When I left the house this morning about 10:00 AM, my computer was working just fine. Imagine the horror to get home and try to log onto the Internet to check out your favorite website ( and get NOTHING!

My DSL modem shows that I have an Internet connection, but still nothing. So I call BellSouth and learn that the IP address on my settings has been changed :confused: How did this happen? Your guess is as good as mine. So the technician talks me through the reset process to no avail. Something (spyware?) must have been downloaded and made a change without my knowledge. Even with Spysweeper, Norton Antivirus and about three levels of firewalls (lol), something still got through. I know my two younger daugthers were playing some internet games the last couple of days on or something like that, so I am just paranoid about anything that is "free" these days.

Long story short, I went to Start>All Programs>Accessories>System Tools>System Restore; and restored my setting to this past Monday. My IP address is correct now, and I have my again :thumbup:

Keep in the back of your mind the System Restore feature that comes with Windows. It saved my butt today, it may save yours some day also. Ed.
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