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The Vette chosen a Calender car!!

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I entered a picture of my Corvette (gallery) in a Seattle Wa Rock & Roll radio station (KZOK & Car Toys ) Calender contest. The public voted on about 50 entries to get the final 12. I just got off the phone with the station and also recived an email with photo shoot details. They chose the car for the month of July. Youho! Look at ME!!! :D :thumbup:
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Sweeeeeeeeeet!And there is definently no better month for that Patriotic Vette than July.Way to go.
congratulations thats awsome, glad to hear it :thumbup:
The radio station sceduled a photo shoot at a studio called Studio3 in Seattle for my car yesterday. What a weird world! We started at 2:30 and got done at 7:30.. and it took an army of people. The model had three people (wardrobe, hair & makeup ) my car had two, there were two camera opperators, a computer person and a director. They had staff wait on my wife and I, they fed us and put us in director chairs up fron to watch the whole zoo. Five hours, about 40 digital images, all kinds of playing around with the images on a $$$ computer set up, and finaly One picture! And I thought me taking some digital pictures of my car was a work of art. I thought looking from the front and down the side somewhat was the best view of my car, but they gave that idea about 10 seconds and moved on! I admit it, I'm a mechanic and they're artists. They shot from the right rear corner back about 15' and up about 8'. Now I know why they get paid as much as they do. The picture came out great. I'll post it as soon as I can get a copy. I also got to see pictures of my calender mates. I'm humbled in the presents of God like cars; Shelby Mustang, Dodge Daytona, 57 Chevy Convertable, 57 T-bird, Olds 442, 1940 Ford Pick up street rod, Model T, 37 Chevy street rod, Austin Healy 3000, a James Dean inspired Porsch?, and an incredable Woody that started out as a Dimond Reo 1 1/2 ton truck! I only entered the contest for the He## of it and never thought to much about it untill they called. The paint job got it picked. They told me when they saw it everyone said there's July.
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We'll all be needing new calanders in a couple months.Post a link so we can order one Pony.My car calnders go to work and mount to my toolbox.Wifey won't let me put them up in the house.
The calanders are co sponsered by Car Toys, an auto sound chain and are free. I'm not sure how big the chain is. The radio station gets involved with any event that has engines and wheels, Drags, road racing, 4x4s, Rally, motocross, ice racing, snowmobiles, boats, shows, ect. There a Classic Rock station and are in on several big concerts too. I wonder if I get a free box of calanders to hand out to my friends?? hmm. :rolleyes:
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