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I'm learning a little about CAN bus issues on DD the 2nd's 11 Corolla. Crazy stuff... It's going to the shop on Monday, but I'm trying to learn a little to do a few simple diagnostic tests. I spent a good part of my Friday messing with that. She said that the EPS light, brake light, ABS light, and maybe one other dash warning lights came on once she turned into our driveway on Thursday evening. All of the obvious stuff checked... Brake fluid level good and clean, no obvious leaks anywhere. All fuses good, voltage on both sides, battery voltage good, alternator charging properly. My code reader will not communicate with the ABS module, so I took it to my buddies shop. His real scan tool would not see it either. He didn't have time to dig into it, but said it looked like a CAN bus issue. Good thing she still has the Impy to drive to work, for now, anyway. I'm going to spend a few minutes more on it this morning, and then I should be heading over to dad's shop to work on the Chevelle finally. Yesterday was spent on yard work and replacing outer door handles on the hooptie Sienna van. Then my bride and I took the 57 out for a run to the DQ.

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I needed a cheap commuter I was either getting a 90's geo metro or a first gen s10. Both of these are stupid simple to work on and are good on gas.

I found a clean 91 metro 5 speed convertable for $1800 then it disappeared for a week and when it returned was $2000 more. So nope. I can pull and rebuild that 3 cylinder on a Tuesday night. But I am cheap and 4k is a lot of gas for something that will have a southern unibody shot after 10 years in Michigan.

So I went on the hunt for a s10. Now I have had 13 so far and I picked up number 14 today. I have been looking for this exact truck for a while.

91 with a 2.5, 5 speed, 4.11 rear(base no options)

Wheel Automotive parking light Tire Window Vehicle

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Land vehicle

The exterior is meh going to change colors soon. Frame and such is solid. I believe the mileage just from the frame and underbody condition.

Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Car seat cover Steering wheel

The interior is good enough for me to drive it. Heater works, radio works, windows go up and down, even the doors close without dropping. Notice no cracks in the dash.

Automotive tire Electronic instrument Audio equipment Motor vehicle Font

2.5 in all its glory.
Car Vehicle Wheel Automotive tire Motor vehicle

No power steering and newer shiny exhaust. Some cracked vacume lines and think I have a few bad sensors.
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Tread Tire Automotive fuel system

T5 will need a clutch soon and I will pop in some new seals when I have the trans out. Shifts great though.

So the person was driving this . Always a good sign when they meet you in a parking lot driving up. But it sounded like it was just a "around town" truck. I took it down the city street and back. For what I paid I was impressed and sold.

I got it back to the house and after taking it around the driveway down the road I went.

Engine has some good pep in it. Transmission shifted great both up and down. I brought the thing up to 75mph. No issues with vibration or sounds or pulling. Even the brakes worked good. Popped the hood and checked the hot engine. Coolant system was holding pressure and oil looked good.

I am going to keep this girl for many years. I need to drop a grand or two into it before she is something I would drive out of state. But I have a very good starting point.

No I am not dropping a v8 into it. I love the 2.5 and am building a lighter 94 s10 with a v8.
This is just a back and forth to work truck. At some point in several years it has great potential to be a electric conversion. But the 2.5 will do just fine for now.


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Yessir... That is exactly what I meant. I think it was Matt that I took the electric glue gun term from. I like it. Welding will start hopefully in a day or two. I was beat after crawling around on the floor for several hours.
You betcha. Hot glue gun for steel. TIG users get a bigger kick out the term than I do but yeah. Good to see Chevelle action mixing in with the usual flow of fixes. Heres hoping all of it goes your way. :)

'Cause you're the tax man. That attacks stuff when he tackles it.

OK, that was tacky. Where's Weldon Dunn?

Heh. I am excited for you but will contain myself. :)

All clear at IDJ, nothing to report. Ah.
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