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The Yankee Express 1967 Dodge Coronet 500 resto mod project.

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After a full military career I retired and bought a cabin and land here in Vermont. My other dream was to buy and build a B Body MOPAR muscle car. I have made mental plans throughout my life for the various modifications I would apply to it and how I would go about building it to my specifications. It's funny the things you will turn your mind to while living life.
Fast forward and it's been nearly 7 years now since acquiring my 67 Dodge Coronet and a LOT has happened.
When I first joined this forum in Oct 2014 I had ideas all over the place for this car. It has settled down a bunch and evolved over the ensuing years and has come together.

The following is a list of modifications that have been completed by this date, or, are in the process of being completed. No pie in the sky ideas or dreams here, this is stuff that I have DONE to the car. Pictures to follow.

Starting platform was a 67 Coronet 500, 69,000 miles, A/C car, tinted glass, yellow cream colored, black/black interior, buddy seat column shift 727, 318 V8 2bbl. Complete car missing no parts, drivable. Everything worked.

Front to back------ Front bumper sectioned, shortened, turn signal rectangular holes filled, recurved to fit the new fender noses and to hug the sheet metal. Also enlarged the center license plate cut out into a ram airduct.
1967 Charger grill and revolving headlights. Custom elec motors, mounts and linkages.
Front fender noses swept back to a 90* angle ( Think 70 Road Runner).
Front disc brakes swap from a 76 Aspen.
All rubber bumpers and bearings replaced.
Inner fender close out smooth panels to hide wiring etc.
Smooth firewall with relocated wiper motor to under dash as is everything previously on the firewall.
Battery to box behind passenger seat.
Wiring pass through tubes running along outside of inner fender just below the fender mounting flanges and into the cab through the firewall.
Wiring passthrough boots in the door frames.
2004 Audi A6 Quattro dash/console /steering and center pull E Brake. And everything in/on the dash console too.
Audi door panel elements fabricated into new panels that align with the Audi dash.
Puddle lights and rear facing marker light on the rear face of the inner door surface so it can be seen when the door is opened.
Power everything.
Custom steering linkages.
dual M/C and new hoses/lines.
10 way, power/heated bucket seats leather.
1967 Plymouth Sport Fury rear seat topper mounted just behind bucket seat tops and close out roadster type panels from there to the back glass. (Think 59 Corvette)
Audi armrest with 4 analog gauges hidden inside.
GPS speedo
spare tire under the roadster panels in what would have been the center of the rear seat. Close out panel between cab and trunk.
Fabricated shift linkage and lever. Hand made pistol grip and reverse lock out.
Fake quarter panel side scoops opened up.
dual motorcycle pop up gas filler caps, one on top of each quarter near the trunk lid front corners.
fabricate he entire rear face of the car to accept 1966 Thunder Bird tail lights.
Trunk lid on gas lifts
17 gallon fuel cell with dual filler necks.
trunk close out panels
rear wells tubbed
leaf springs relocated to under frame.
center pull E Brake cables
move spring perches
remove spare tire well
1970 RoadRunner rear bumper lengthened 4 5/8" and recurved to hug the sheet metal. TTI exhaust to exit through those back up light holes.
Remote trunk release.
'shave gas filler door
ditch the 318 in favor of a built 440 Magnum, and build a 727.

I'm sure there is more but this is what I can think off as the major items. Lots of little things had to be made and figured out to make many of these mods a reality.

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Uh Oh ....Bit off more than I can chew LOL

I am in north Pa. Prolly not a real big drive.6-8 hours?
Might have to drive over and get some maple syrup ya know ...
Really? Where in PA? I grew up in the town of North East, PA. Last town in Pa before you either hit the NY state line or drive into Lake Erie. Got plenty of Maple Surple.......

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Finally got some nice weather for a change. Put the shell in primer, jambs and quarters, some of the roof and around the trunk. Let it dry a few days and block sand for round two. lol.


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I finally decided on the wheels I want for The Express. Jegs SSR 10 spoke aluminum. I ordered this one and will be getting them one at a time, The fronts will be 7" wide. They are $167 each. The rears are 15 x 10 5 on 4.50 BP and 7 1/2" backspacing. This will center the tires in the wheel wells which are tubbed to the frame rail.
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Finished another round of bodywork and sprayed another coat of primer.


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