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Ticking at about 2500

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Mild 327, rebuilt about 2000 miles ago, sounds like a rocker clicking, no click at idle, more rpm click is no worse, no effect on power or drivablity just driving me nuts trying to find the cause any thoughts before i tear it apart. click is most noticable at 2500 rpm. Thanks Wormy.
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That was my first thought,I have a 327 that was doing that. replaced manifold gaskets and noise went away. Was the cam broken in properly??? I have seen lifter and cam lobe problems from improper break in procedure. before I tore to deep into it I would pop the valve covers and make sure a rocker nut hasn't backed off. Any more symptoms ??? Brian
Why not use a hose or a stick to pin point the noise before throwing parts at it :mwink:
Check your fuel pump rod too........
Just now getting back online, i bought a stethascope dont make any valve noise at idle, when you rev it up to 2500 sounds like a rocker clicking. Checked all over motor with scope no undue noises, do you think it is a lifter lifters were new at rebuild, cam was broken in right, car runs fine just the annoying click.
My vortec 350 with less than 5000 miles on it, sounds like a diesel, I`ve read up on posts and many others who`ve built this same engine has the same problem and like me haven`t found out why. However on older small blocks I`ve built or were factory engines, they all ticked, if I`ve checked over everything and all looks well, I just turn the radio up and live the tick, a SBC wouldn`t be a SBC if it didn`t make some kinda noise.
Did you replace the stock stamped steel rockers and balls and install new lock nuts. No one hardly ever does, I usually inspect them myself and reuse.Could be one of them is worn out , But I have heard of them being galled due to not enough lube after a rebuild, then ticking because they are sticking/binding. Something to think about.Fairly easy to check better than tearing into the bottom end. Brian
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