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Steele Rubber makes a wide assortment of cowl rubber for use in this application. The particular type that comes to mind is the style that was used on my model 56S, 1940 Buick Super, but they sell versions like it cheaper in the "generic" style. It has a flat bottom (in various widths to choose from) and forms up to a "c" type channel that will fold almost flat when the hood is closed, sealing off the under hood from water, dirt, etc. When the hood is opened up, it will spring up slightly and is smooth and neat in appearence. It can be glued on with 3M Super Weatherstrip Adhesive. Steele catalog has pictures that you can refer to. They may even have a web site, if not, you can get the info from Hemmings Motor News at any good book store. Another option is to place about 1/2 to 3/4" rubber bumpers every 6-8" apart where your hood meets the cowl. Drill a hole, pop in the rubber bumper, and it's a done deal. Doesnt seal off the under hood as well, but easier to do and a little neater looking. Hope this helps...PACO
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