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Ok, I can't tell if this is spark knock or timing chain rattling. Everytime I put a load on or WOT you can hear it and it sounds like the timing chain is just real loose. The sound has gotten worse since one of the guys up at the shop advanced the timing cause it was loping real hard. And I dont have a timing mark, so we went by ear.

When you hit a bump you can hear it, WOT you can hear it...when you left off the gas you can't hear it. Only under a load. Breaking hard you can hear it sometimes no.

I know sounds are hard to diagnose via internet but I'll upload a video sometime whenever i can get someone to ride with me.

Any suggestions? When I get time this weekend I'll check the timing chain for slack. But i just dont wanna drop the oil pan and pull the balancer and and **** like that especially with no air.
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