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So yea, Im getting ready to buy a truck from my neighbor. Its a 1983 Chevy C20, but motor has been replaced and tranny rebuilt.

The motor has : (from what i can see and what ive been told)

Edelbrok performer intake
Edelbrok carb
Camelback heads off a 68 Z28 (checked numbers)
D shape high dome or high compression pistons
not sure on the cam
but the motor is pretty new

He said he was having some problems tuning it because he is not very good at it so he decided to give up. He said it ran but ran rich so he didnt want to drive it. I looked and noticed it had tiny stock exhaust mani's on it running to a single exhaust which i think is part of the problem. anyways so i figured i would try and get it running today maybe work on the timing or try and tune the carb.

Well it has been sitting for about a year and i didnt want to just turn it over as it was prolly pretty dry so i took the disty off and hooked my drill up to get some oil circulated thru the engine. Put the disty back on line everything as close to it was before and make sure the firing order is correct. when i turn it over it pops once in a while so as far as i can figure its 180 off..

The timing issue is somthing i can take care of but i am defenantly looking for anyone else's ideas on why else it could be running so rich.. the plugs were pretty coated when i checked them.

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If it's got a big carb and small exhaust, it will run rich. The gas can't escape fast enough.. Get headers and daul exhaust.
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