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So all in all im a rookie.
just got myself my first car and im having a blast.
Thing is i need to learn everything so i can tune, maintain and build it...

what i am wondering is how to determine the appropriate timing for the car.I bought it built already and have no real communication with the builder. I have a old school light my dads been holding on to and him to help me set it, but what do we set it too? I asked someone and was told it depends whats inside....

Heres what i think i have...

mid 80s crate motor 350, 4 bolt main
forged flat top pistons and i assume crank
top end was the holley systemax 425 hp kit including cam heads and intake
i was told it has roller rockers and a crane roller not flat push rod??what???
650 holley double pump
stock GM HEI ignition
aluminum adjustable rocker arms with lash, indicates solid lifters im told, problem is kit came with hydraulic lifters. lash is bad i guess?
kit also included lunati hydraulic camshaft and lifters
holley dual plane alumiinum intake
double roller timing chain
fully assembled holley aluminum heads
camshaft specs
intake lift .488''
exhaust lift .510''
intake duration @ .050'':234*
exhaust duration @.050'':244*
rocker arm ratio 1.5
intake lobe centerline 107*
lobe separation 112*

hooker compheaders with flomaster crossover exhaust
ac delco plugs

so the car has power but needs adjusting. i put on new aircleaner lid, the breathable kind, and started getting backfires...switched back and seemed to be ok again.did little adjustments with idle. cars hesitent when you matt it. almost backfires before it gets up and going to clean the carb and rebuild it with kit. sometimes with new aircleaner lid on the car wants to stall out. i feel like it needs to be re jetted but what do i know. i figured i need to adjust timing also and dont know a thing....any suggestions?

Thanks for any and all help

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24 degrees initial
38 max
Use manifold vacuum with 10 degrees.

so timing at idle will be 24+10=34 once the vacuum advance is plugged in.

This will require adjusting the amount of mechanical advance in the distributor.

And buy an adjustable vacuum advance canister.
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