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Some of you may already be aware that we've taken the Tips of the Day posts, and compiled them into a wiki article that lists numerous body-exterior tips, all on one page: Body and Exterior Tips. For those not familiar with "wiki" articles -- they are online articles that anyone (including you) can edit or add to.

We have a lot of useful body-exterior tips in there contributed by members. Those tips are useful on their own, and they're really useful when many of them are organized in one place. Anyway, I'd like to enhance the article further by adding some photos.

If you've already posted a relevant photo in a Tip of the Day discussion, please take a moment to upload the photo to the wiki: photo upload page. To upload photos, you'll need to register a username on the wiki, but it only takes a few seconds (you only need to enter two things: a username and a password).

Once a photo has been uploaded, you can add it to the article yourself (instructions are here), or, I'll add it in when I review the article.

Alternatively, if you see any other wiki article that could use a photo, please feel free to upload one, and it will be added to the relevant article.
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