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I am back to playing with cars after a 20+ year break. I finally made my first pass (legally anyhow) this past october. I have a ton to learn, so I appreciate all of the support this forum offers.

Here are the specifics of the car

1974 chevy Vega

355 SBC

4340 crank
4340 h beam rods (6.000)
Probe pistons (12.5 cc dome, should yield 12.5 ish compression.)
Sportsman II heads by Chapman head service

64CC chambers
Intake Exhaust
Lift CFM Lift CFM
0.200 130 0.200 101
0.300 177 0.300 133
0.400 194 0.400 140
0.500 233 0.500 141
0.550 260 0.550 159
0.600 270 0.600 169
0.650 290 0.650 179
0.700 290 0.700 179

Port matched victor Jr,,
Barry Grant modified 4150, 930 CFM.

Crane 118751 (Roller)
.630 /.630 lift @ 1.5 , 1.6 Erson rockers used
252/260 duration @.050 lift
Crane stud girdles

MSD 6AL, MSD dist.

Turbo 400 w/ reverse pattern valve body, trans brake.

4.88 gears,

ladder bar suspension, 90/10 shocks, line loc, M/T 31.25/12.2-15W tires

The track I was at did not have scales running the day I was there, any guesses what this car might weight? Stock floor, aluminum das, door panels, shell bucket seats.

Also, the time slip from the last run of the day was as follows:

60' 1.718
660 ft 7.465
Et 11.660 @117.468

Since it's bench racing time in the northeast, any guesses where the ET may end up when I learn how to launch the car properly? I was just driving it off the line.

I noticed during the burnouts, there is little or no smoke generated from these tires, (new Mickey Thompsons)even though I was doing the burn out in 2nd gear. Is this because of the compound or am I missing something. There was zero tire slippage during my run


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You know I don't have a clue where your E.T. may end up, but ought to be much better once you get all dialed in. BUT isn't just a kick in the *** to get back into hot rods after a long break in your working life. Mine was about the same time frame, retired now and building a '32 Victoria and loving it. By the way, years ago I had a buddy that built a 73 Vega with a 406 and 4 spd. He took me for a ride ONCE, what a screamer!! Enjoy it, life is short.
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