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To chop or not to chop

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Well here is the delima,i would like opinions from some of you guys about chopping the top of my 54 Chevy pickup. The 54 is a five window and also has a the curved windshield which makes it extreamly hard to chop. The three pieces of curved glass may make this a undesirable task. Truck is a Pro Street with 604 super charged big block. We finished the rolling chassis last week, if i weren't so computer illiterate i would post some pictures. Maby i can get someone to show me how.
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I think the five windows look like crap when you chop them cause the side windows start to look like port holes....just my opinion
Send me your pics and I'll post 'em for you.

[email protected]

Send me some pictures of that chassis too!
Thanks guys for the input. I think with the curved glass it would not be practical. I will try to take some pictures this weekend of the chassis.
Opinion from an old fart. Chopped vehicles look neat, but in many cases, the vehicle becomes a monster to drive. In order to see out the windshield, you either scrunch down in a neck/shoulder tightening slump, or you lower the seat so low, you have you knees up around the steering wheel or slide the seat so far back you have to lean foreward to look out the door glass. For your truck, the ever popular cab extension can produce the somewhat lowering look and you have more room inside that now makes the truck a great cruiser.

I was told that these trucks can be chopped and keep the orginal height of the side (rear) window and rear window. I think it was H.K. You simply cut out the drop from underneath the windows , instead of through the middle of windows.Makes since to me. I am thinking about doing the chop on my 48 COE as well. Plenty of head room.
Anyway, i make "book", on the info i get from H.K. You might send him a P.M. on this subject.He`s busy, but allways finds time to answer up! Right now he`s doing some magic on the sheet metal for my wife`s trike. Sent it to him in South Carolina from Wa. Gonna be cool!!!!! I`ll have a H.K. paint job!!!
Slider in Wa.
I have one thats been chopped 6 inches in the front and 4 1/2 in the back. YOu can see out of it just fine. Its sort of a crappy chopp so I'm gonna hack 3 more out in the front and another 4 1/2 in the back to get the top down flat.
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