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Well...I had a thread regarding my "proposed" engine combination and now I am having second thoughts about whether I should just go with a crate motor?

I am sure I will get lots of opions here...but I would really like to hear them. I was thinking GMPP Fastburn 385...or equivalent. Doesn't have to be GMPP but that's about the power I am looking for.

Here is a copy of what my planned rebuild looks like (from a previous post).

Just starting to scope out and budget an engine rebuild for my '65 Chevelle convertible. Engine is a bone stock "66 327-250hp with the exception of an Edelbrock EPS manifold, Edelbrock 600 cfm carb and Mallory HEI. Now, I am going to rebuild this winter and here is what I am thinking....

Stock Crank
Keith Black Silvolite Flat Top Pistons (9.5:1)
Stock Connecting Rods
Edelbrock Performer RPM Heads (#60899), 64cc, Straight Plugs
Comp Cams XE268H Camshaft (224/[email protected]050, .477/.480)
Re-use Performer EPS
Re-use Edelbrock Crab
Re-use Mallory HEI
ARP Bolts
1 5/8" Heddmen Headers


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It really depends on what your needs are. Nothing against crate motors but for myself (this means my personal opinion) I would never buy a crate motor because, my enjoyment comes from building my own motor and seeing how it runs. I would rather spend more money and have less horsepower then buy what someone else thinks my motor should have.


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So far from what you've listed it seems you could rebuild that motor with the parts you want and the parts you have for about half of what you'd put into picking up a crate motor.
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