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To etch or not to etch

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I'm working on a 1970 chevelle. I am used to using an epoxy primer but in this case I am stripping the car down to the bare metal and am thinking of using a self etch primer. What do you guys think?Pay a lil more for better rust resitance or not?
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Where you live, it's a no it!!

I used to think that etching primer was the end all for stripped body panels but after doing some research and listening very closely to some of the pros we have on this board I've changed my mind. Although etching primer will work, I think you'll have better luck if you use the epoxy instead.

Either self etching or epoxy it doesn't matter just make sure you are using a sealer primer that will not let moisture thru. You will still have to prime over that with a sanding primer to get her flat and smooth.

Etch primer grabs the metal a little better than epoxy does. Not enough difference to warrant using it in my opinion. I used to use etch primer with epoxy over top a few years ago. The draw back was when working filler, if you sanded back down to the etch primer, and you needed more filler on that area, the filler does not stick to the etch worth a #hit.
would spray can etching primer good to use or its still bad quality, laquor based?
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