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Hi,guys I am 43 years old Ive been playing with old cars for about 25 years.At one time Ive had 50 some running and some just parts cars and trucks. I currently have (5) 56 210,36 chevy truck, 37 ford truck,25 dodge sedan, 55 chevy truck.***************************** I also do paint and body work for myself and a few friends I look forward to chating with you guys I already talk to leadsled about some projects my web site is [email protected] my #is ********** look forward to talking I have lots of contacts. thanks baldchev. ;)
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Welcome to Hotrodders. No advertising is allowed on these boards......if you want to sell your parts and stuff....we have a Classified Ad section for that...the ads are free. :welcome:
welcome.....Advertising on the board is not allowed,,,,,,,,,,also, putting your phone number on the web is not a good idea. Let people email you.
New Guy Mistake

Thanks for the reply poncho, first time i've messed with computer online so anyway thanks for the info I did use classified after the introduction bare with me . Baldchev. ;) ;)
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