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Too lean???

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I have a chevy 355 with an Edelbrock rpm intake, Edelbrock heads, 9 :6 to 1 CR, balanced , with a 230/234 @.050 cam and an Edelbrock 750 manual carb. This is a new engine only been started.

She was running real rich according to my guages and took a while to calm domn at start up. So I changed the primay jets from .113 to .107 and changed the metering rods. It should of (according to Edelbrock) brought it 12% leaner or 3 stages down(according to Edelbrock ).

The car won`t start since I made these changes. Too Lean?
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Pour a little gas down the carb throat and try to fire it.
no spark

got spark what color is the spark at the plugs
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