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Top chop; It's time.

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I know there are some the trucks on here that have been chopped. My 50f1 is running now so before I put the front on and the windows in it I want to take 4 or 5 inches off the top and would appreciate some info on how you taped the top off for the chop. I want a mail slot back window and need to know how to go about marking it. I have and have read the Tex Smith top chop book. I marked my top starting at the doors.I measured on the body lines on the doors and marked them so that the top would come down and the lines would match up. But when I tape of to the back to the rear window the 5 inches comes out to low on the window to let the window come down to match up. What am I doing wrong? RUSTY
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I did my 51 2.5 inches and did not have to 1/4 the roof I laid the A pillers back so I did not have to lengthen the door window tracks. You are going to have to 1/4 the roof to get the front to line up with that much chop. Go to webshots and search for mphracing one word and look at mine. It may help in some of your questions.

don't forget .. get your windshield cut first,, then match-up to it.. :thumbup:
on the rear window you can cut the whole window frame out in one piece making a big hole ..mabee three inches bigger all the way around set it aside till later ...chop the top to where you like then chop the rear window frame seperately and install it cutting the glass is pretty ez curved or straight it dont matter with just a little practice,all you need is a woodworking router a dimond tipped 1/4" bit,and a water hose.theres a link that shows how I can find it for ya.
I'm having a problem getting the top to match up. I don't think I took enough out off the front post. It dips down in the middle of the top. Over the doors
No but I'll try to get some this weekend when I get back home. RUSTY
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