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Top Tier gasolines all have proprietary detergent formulas. Is it possible/probable that a degradation of effectiveness happens if mixing between different brands occurs?
While I wouldn't recommend anyone to arbitrarily mix fuels, unless you are tuned to a razor's edge to just one type fuel, the likelihood that you'd notice a difference if mixing fuels would be slight. The biggest thing that will degrade fuel is age and exposure to the elements- especially water.

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The only thing I can add is here in Syracuse, we have several gas stations that have ethanol-free gasoline (one is 90octane the other is 91). Its a few cents more a gallon, but seems to be worth it so far. If you were to get say 89 octane from the bottom of the holding tank, and switch to 90octane ethanol MAY notice a difference. This also depends on where you live and how you drive. If you spend most of the day driving uphill, it might make your vehicle more sensitive. But apples to apples? no change.

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Here in Alberta, we pay about $0.10 per litre (Roughly $0.38 per US gallon) extra for 91 octane premium fuel.

As stated earlier, it's 100% gasoline ... not blended with ethanol.

It is my opinion that it's worth the extra dime per litre.

My 98 supercharged GTP requires it, but my 04 GP does not.
I burn it in both, regardless, and beleive that it pays for itself in better fuel mileage and decreased maintenance.

Ethanol is very dry and is extremely hard on rubber components (and fuel injectors).

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As the link posted above will tell you gasoline is traded openly. Your Mobil station could be using gasoline from just about anywhere. Brand loyalty is an expensive myth.

I have been in the industry most of my working life, and have learned......

yes the gas is often traded back and fourth, however they are different
because different refineries use different crude and have different standards that they will refine to, with that crude.

when i worked for texaco in seattle, we would do pipeline trades with arco
(we get their gas when it comes, and they would take ours when it comes down the pipe to pay them back)
all gas must meet minimum testing standards, however texaco had higher standards, and often arcos gas wasnt good enough to meet texaco tests
so we would have to barge it back to them, because we couldnt sell it!

detergent additives.....
most tankers load at only a few load racks for lots of different brands of gas.
when loading, you must specify what brand because the detergent additives are injected at the rack, as you load the fuel tanker.
most load racks will have 4-10 different small (500-2000 gal.) tanks of detergent additive and dye, for injecting at the rack

so you may not always get their gas, but it will meet their standards
and you will get their detergent additive
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