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car weight 3200 lbs.
700r4 trans. with lockup.
373 rear gear
26" dia tires
Sbc 9:4.1 compression, carbureted, long tube headers, hi rise performer intake. 650 cfm carb.
cam that is installed is a lunati roller camshaft, 112 lobe sep, 108 center line, dur. @ .050 is 219 int./229 exh. Adv. 276/288, lift is .503 int. / .503 Exh..RPM range 1800-5800.

Summit recommended a 2400 stall torque converter.

Does this seem about right. I have read different articles that the stall speed should be 500-800 rpm above the lowest Rpm range listed for the cam.
I was thinking more like 2600-2800 stall.
Your thoughts. It's just a street car.
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