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Total newbie first-time painter/body repair, help!

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I just got a 1975 Nova Custom 2-door, and the stock light-blue paint has faded and gone nasty in high-sun-exposure areas. There is some surface rust on the trunk, hood, roof-very light. Also some fairly nasty rust on the bottom edges of the quarter panels, and a couple rust holes. Was wondering what was the best way to take care of rust and fill holes, and also general idea of the process to follow if I wanted to paint the car. Would I need to strip the original paint/primer down to bare metal or what? Any help is appreciated.

Oh, and I appologize for the newbishness of my questions.
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Hi.....I'm new member suggestion would be go to a book store or library and read up on latest techniques. Sounds like your project is not to bad to fix.Good luck n have fun.
tyrfin, look in the Knowledge base under exsterior section, it will guide you and help you out. The rust will have to be sanded off and the holes filled with patch panels. The knowledge base contains all the step by steps needed for your prodject. If you have any other qwustion feel free to ask, me or one of the other very knowledgable gentleman will help you.

The best way to fix rust is to cut it out and weld in new patches or panels. As far as painting you do not have to take it down to bare metal unless it is checked badly or the paint is peeling off. Aslo if you are thinking about painting it yourself you had better practice on an old hood or something else and go around to some body shops and ask if they have any old or outdated paint you can practice with as materials can get quite expensive for someone who has never painted before. $500 in materials to get a car ready to paint then to have it turn out like it has been rattle canned is not a good thing. You can read all you want but it won't compare to some first hand experience.
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