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"Touch Up" Painting

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o.k., I've become completely frustrated with this project.

What started out as a couple of minor scratches to repair have blossomed into some pretty big paintless (or half-scraped) areas. One area (about a foot and a half long) I found out I had used too much paint, and so I started to sand it down. It looks horrible.

So is it o.k. to continue to use a "touch up" method here? That is, can I continue to use spray primer and aerosol spray touch up paint here? And what grit sand paper should I be using? Should I be using a sanding disc?
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In my opinion, if you have an area this large (over a foot as you say) I would 'panel paint'- that is, mask to a body line and completely repaint that whole panel. To blend in that large of an area is difficult. If it is a custom mix color it is even harder, but a solid is pretty easy and will look much better than trying to blend all the edges of the damage. Mask, sand, prime and paint. I prefer a gun and no aerosols for something over an inch or so. Good luck- time will make it look good- take your time to work it well and it will be worth it. :)
Thanks for the reply.

I'm sure you're right. It sounds logical: masking to a body line.

I've finished painting (using the touch up method described above), and I'm going to let it cure a bit before I attempt to blend it in. I'll use some rubbing compound for that.

I figure, its white, and not too glossy, so it can't look THAT bad...we'll see...
Good luck 66- and if it is a catalyzed enamel, hit it with some wet 1500 or 2000 grit, a buffer, foam pad and Groit's or Meguire's and you'll get a great shine. I bought my buffer at Jocko's on Merle Hay Road in DsMns.
Jeez, what a coincidence! I go to that place sometimes! I guess the tagline on the bottom saying I'm from Des Moines gave it away!

I guess I could buy one of those buffer attachments to put on my drill. And I take it I'd use the foam pad to apply "Groit's" or "Meguire's" (I'm not sure what those are, but I'm sure I can figure it out).

Thanks, Dragon. If you see a '66 badly-painted white Chevy II SS at Jocko's, you'll know whose it is!
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