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I've seen people break T56's on 500hp, and I've seen people go well over that, but I've never seen someone break an R154 before 500hp... to be honest...!!! my bestfriend has a 240sx with an R154 and a 2jz, his car has 1.5 Bar on it, and its been driven extremely hard, the R154 is handeling everything easily, it has a 6 puck ceramic clutch which is very aggressive... anyhow I was just giving in my opinion about the R154 but my question is as follows:

Can I buy an adapter kit for an R151 or R150 that makes them bolt up on the Chevy V8's and put an R154 in their place... cause they seem to have the same bellhousing bolt pattern, or at least thats what it says in this thread... what do you guys think?

can this be confirmed..?
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