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Traction bar question

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I'm considering some Comp Engineering traction bars for my '73 Nova. I definately want "old school" traction bars, not Cal Tracs etc. My question is how do they ride on the street? The reason I ask is my buddy way back in high school had a set of Lakewood Traction Action bars (the ones that replace the spring plate) on his '71 and everytime he went over a bump, the "safety" u-bolt at the front of the bar would hop up and down, knocking on the top of the leaf spring. Is that normal or did he have the safety u-bolt snugged too tight? It was, in my memory, always touching the top of the leaf when at rest.
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Just curious; why do you want the older slapper-bar style over say the slide-a-link or cal-trac style. The cal-tracs can rattle a bit but they're not that bad to me. If its price, there are plans on the net to make your own caltracs style bars (assuming you can lay out some lines on a piece of plate and do a little welding).

Good luck with it and enjoy it
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