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Transmission and rear end question

I have a question for expert here in hotrodders.

I want maximum performance for my transmission, I want to know if The manual Valve body from TCI will give more crisper shift than the original vaccum valve body plugged on my intake (The original one came with the transmission)

I have a Chevy Nova SS 74 With a 468 CI and a TH350 with a TCI Shift kit

Thanks in advance

What will be the benefic effect If I put a Manual Valve body into my transmission???

My other question:

I have Competition Engineering Slide-a-link traction bar, Landrum mono-leaf spring, with 2 adjustable drag shocks, my question is how many degrees I'm supposed to set the Differential, some people said 2 degres other 4, other 3. I really dont know who to trust. I want to have the best traction and weight transfert as possible (If it's can help you, I have 2 moroso big block chevy coil spring and 2 adjustable drag shocks in the front end.


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Without knowing the current shift of your automatic v-body , I will say the full manual v-body has very firm / positive shifts.

I am not sure of any benifit to install the full manual v-body unless you want it or are going racing or have very little vacuum on the engine or a super charged engine.

I would ask the suspension question over in the suspension section for more relies
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