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Trunk Likght Wont Go Off On 97 Honda Civic!!!

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Hi, I ahv e a 1997 honda civic HX, and the trunk light on the dash keeps showing that the trunk is open, and i could deal with that, no big deal, just annoying. BUT, The light inside the trunk stays on, and there is no way of turning it off, does anyone know where the switch is, for the light to turn on and off when the lid is open and closed?? THANK YOU in advance!
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It,s on the trunk latch.Try unplugging it.If you want to make sure it is going off.Just let the back of the back set down so you can see the light.
I checked through the seat, and the light is staying on, and it is so wierd, it just started this, it has been fine. I will check the latch and see if i can find anything wrong. THANK YOU
I think it's got a mercury switch, no longer mercury filled, but they still use a conductive liquid to compleate a circut. they do go bad sometimes.
MATT167: where would that be located?
jordan2011 said:
MATT167: where would that be located?
probably somewhere on the trunk lid itself, near the latch. it has to move with the lid, because it closes the circut, when the conductive liquid ( used to be mercury, but now they use somthing safer ) connects the pos and neg togther.
Doc here, :pimp:

Follow the wire from the trunk lamp back, it will take you to the switch.

It should be pressure trip, or magnetic type switch mounted in the rain gutter for the trunk or at the hinges at or near the body when the trunk is open, (pressure off when hinge moves off "closed position)

If it's magnetic, you may need only adjust the magnet, If it's pressure, you may need adjust the height if it goes off when you push it with your finger. If it won't go off at all, the switch is bad and needs a replacement.

Meantime, I'd pull the fuse or disable the switch, as you will be susceptible to dead battery's after sitting over night if you don't.

Doc :pimp:
The switch is in the latch.Take a 10mm socket and remove the latch(you might want to mark it first before removing).Then you can uplug it.And reinstall the latch.
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