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Tunnel Ram, is it worth it?

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Hello, I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the pro's and con's of Tunnel ram. Would there be a noticeable amount of horespower increase. I'm talking duel carb tunnel ram as compared to just plain duel carb intake manifold. Thanks.
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In Hot Rod (January) they did a carb./intake shootout, with a Holley strip dominator intake and Holley HP-series 830 cfm four barrel on a sbc put out 491.5hp @ 6300 and 436 lb-ft @ 5300 @ a cost of 917.41.
Summit tunnel ram kit (Weiand tunnel ram and Holley 450 cfm carbs.) @ a cost of 546.95 put out 491hp @ 6200 and 443 @ 5500rpm.
For more money (alot more) the Edelbrock tunnel ram with Race Demons carbs. put out 503.3 hp @ 6100 and 452 @ 5600 rpm.
I run a 3 deuce tunnel ram in my 54 and love it, I didn't loose much if any bottom end and picked up much on the top end. I think the trick is using a tall tunnel ram with small runners.
You could get a cheaper four barrel and intake and put out good power but maybe not the peak #s the others put out. Hope this helps
Hey, ya know bottom end torque that makes you move? Well you could kiss it goodbye. Youll get a lot of high end horsepower but with two 4s you proabbly wont get alot of torque. It would still be cool if it was in a show car though. But if its a street driven car i would stick with the dual plane. You know the test on those two small block chevy's? They made peak torque at like 5400 rpm(or whatever it said). I guess it all depends how often you reach 5400rpm on the street. So, just something to think about.
Thanks for the information guys. You guy's helped a lot.
A tunnel ram is usually used for high rpm range 3500-7500 depending on your cam choice. options that can bennifit low end torque loss is, higher stall converter,advance cam timing,provided you have enough clearence.Of course they do offer a street tunnel ram,but this again will depend on cam choice as well as carb cfm choice,and mainly if your street or strip driving.Higher cams drop your vacuumn if you have p/b you may need a canister.Hope this helps in your choice.

NOVA JEFF Keep your options open!
Go with a cross ram intake. You can find them on eBay. I just put on on my 406. Any RPM it runs.
On the test from Hot Rod the cross ram came in second, think if they would have tuned it correctly.
Go to this site and it will tell you everything on all intake designs

Enjoy the reading. You mite want to print this one. :D
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