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Turbo 350

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I have a turbo 350 that shifts just fine. The problem I am having (linkage adjustment is good) with the shifter in first it still starts in third. With the shifter in neutral it is in reverse, yet when checked at the tranny, going through the gears it seems that it is going through all the gears. The shaft coming out of the tranny were the linkage bolts on to seems to be moving outward. Is there a clip of some kind in the tranny to hold that shaft in. Thanks in advance with any help.
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Drop the trans pan and you will see a nut on the shift shaft. Make sure it's tight and there is also a clip on the shaft so make sure that is in place.

You might also want to make sure the shift cable is adjusted correctly. You didn't mention what kind of shifter you were using but for most aftermarket shifters you will want to pull the shifter into the low position and ratchet the trans selector into low and adjust it from there.
the indicator is off... under the steering column is a fine string that attaches to the linkage under there. the plastic adjuster usually breaks. if thats not the case and it has a clip and its just slid out of line, pull it off where it attaches, and tighten the crimp a touch and put back on aligning it to the gear that its in.
once you get up under there where you can see, you should be able to see the way its hooked up like i described... gl
Thanks I will drop the pan and try that.
if its just the indicator, then its under the steering column, not in the pan.
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